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Comments: walk through attraction featuring the Treehouse, Skull cave, Eyeglass Hill, the Suspension bridge and a 'wrecked' pirate boat with a wobbly barrel bridge to and from Adventureland

Adventure Isle is a carefully constructed paradise for kids, but with a lot to appeal to adults. Its ten acres comprise caves (some corners of which tend to smell a little by the end of the day), a Pirate playground for the nippers, Skull cave - a masterpiece of imagineering - and absolutely the best two bridges you could possibly imagine. Pont du Suspenda is the type of suspension bridge you just love to cross; apparently flimsy bamboo and rope conceal concrete, fiberglass and steel which produce a bridge that bounces so much it's usually only the kids who cross. The British tend to regard it with an air of mild suspicion, the Germans see it as something to be overcome, the French tend to pinch bits of the trees they can reach and the Dutch and the Danes (everyone's favourites) enjoy bouncing. Below the suspension bridge lie the wobbly barrels crossing the 'wrecked' pirate schooner. Crossing these is an experience in itself, producing a disorienting effect which leaves you feeling as tho' you'd just returned from a long sea voyage. These features are unique to this Disney theme park, and offer a compelling reason for choosing Disneyland Paris.

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Adventure Isle