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Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller

Graphically model heat transfer calculations.

The Refractory Lining Thermal Modeller (RLTM) is a software program for rapid modelling of heat flows through furnace, heater and kiln linings. It is available for Mac OSX, and Windows. Materials are dragged and dropped onto a lining model, and can be dragged to different positions and resized.

Material thicknesses, hot face and ambient temperatures, and environmental factors can be adjusted and are reflected live in the model window. Multiple resizable windows can be open at one time, so that potential linings can be compared. A sample is shown below.

RLTM supports entry of materials in both ASTM and metric systems (or combinations), and produces results in either ASTM or metric. Lining models can be printed out and saved to disk. RLTM includes a database structure to allow the easy addition and editing of lining materials.


Demo versions, which are fully enabled when registered, are available for download here. The download is approximately 2Mb and includes a manual and sample database. The demo version is limited to use of the materials in the sample database. Simple instructions for registration through PayPal are included.Regist