Apps for music recording, cryptography and thermal analysis.

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Compress images. Encrypt them. Conceal them.

CryptoPic is a utility that encodes a picture and/or text within another picture. The hidden picture and text are called the cargo and the picture in which they are hidden is called the carrier. Encoded carriers are ordinary pictures and can be saved, emailed and copied. There is no indication that they contain other data. Encoded data is password protected and heavily encrypted.


  • In this example, the carrier picture (Nebula) contains the cargo picture and the text of the Book of Exodus. Its capacity is less than 20% used. CryptoPic incorporates both steganographical and cryptographical techniques.
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Demo versions, which are fully enabled when registered, are available for download here. The download is approximately 2Mb and includes a manual and sample database. The demo version is limited to use of the materials in the sample database. Simple instructions for registration through PayPal are included.