What to play netball but can't find a proper full-size court? Here are some alternative versions.

Five A -Side (for younger players)

 The IFNA Rules apply with the following changes:

 You drop the WA and WD positions and allow the GK and GS to play into the centre third. (The alternative would be to have dropped the GK and GS and allowed the WD and WA into the shooting circle. The effect is the same!)

 If you have more than 5 players then you use others to time and score.

 You play 6 quarters of 5 minutes (with 2 minutes between each interval) and move players at each interval in the following sequence: GK - GD - C - GA - GS - Timekeeper - Scorer - back to GK

 The "3 -Second" rule is extended to 4 seconds to allow time for players to cover the court.

 Defending players are allowed to make just one jump to try and achieve an interception. Repeated jumping by a defender counts as obstruction and should be penalised accordingly.

INDOOR NETBALL RULES - For use where the game is to be played in a sports hall which is not marked out with a full size court or is only marked out for 5 a-side football.

 The IFNA Rules apply with the following changes:

 If you have a hall that is smaller than a normal netball court, you should drop the two Centres to give two teams of six. (The WA ,defended by the WD takes the centre passes; the 'other' WA and WD line up in their normal starting position) With a very much smaller hall you should drop the WD & WA to give two teams of five.

 The game starts and re-starts with a "free-pass" in the centre of the court, taken by the WA on an alternative basis.

  There is only one umpire and he/she moves about on-court trying their best to avoid the ball at all times (in much the same way as a football referee does).

  There is no "Out of Court" on the sidelines. The ball is free to bounce off the sidewall or anything attached to it. HOWEVER a player cannot bounce the ball off the wall to him/herself.


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