Netball on the Net

Fed up of trying to find anything interesting about netball on the Internet? Try a visit to any (or all) of the following sites:

The major world Associations:

*  At long last All England 

*  New Zealand Netball

*  Netball Australia

*IFNA (International Federation of Netball Associations)

*  Malta Netball Association

*  Western Australia Netball Association

*  British Columbia Netball Association

 Singapore Netball Association

 Netball Scotland (The Official one)

 Scottish Netball (The unofficial one)

 The Welsh Netball Association


Other Major Netball websites:

*  Netball Resources Run by Andrew Dawson a mixed netball player, this site is updated on average every 6 or 8 weeks. Has a range of excellent links to many other sites. The site has been expanded to include a range of coaching drills and exercises

Storm Netball Club Malcolm at Storm puts a good deal of time effort and energy into running a really superb website which covers much much more than just his club.

* an excellent site organised by a committed netballer (Deborah Hallas) and it shows! Some first class links including one to some very stylish netball kit.

*  Linconshire Netball Association. An English county association on the net!

*  Wiltshire Netball Association. Another county association to have a netball site!

 The City of Edinburgh Netball Association - The only website north of the border

"Technical" Sites:

*  Sports Injury Prevention The link will take you to the netball page but you'll find lots of interesting research here

*  Australian Institute of Sport Whatever you think about the Aussies, you can't fault the quality of this site, which tells you almost everything you need to know about netball.

*  Sportquest This link will take you to their main page, you can then follow their own links to their main netball page. The problem is there's not much on the netball pages that isn't shown on this page!

*  Sports Coach Brain Mackenzie is a senior athletics coach and has established a first class site dealing with all aspects of sports coaching with a strong athletics flavour.

UK Clubs and Leagues with their own sites:

*  Storm Club, Basingstoke

*  Ashfield & District League

*  Devizes Netball Club

*  Blackheath Wanderers NC

*  Bradley Stoke Netball Club

*  Grasshoppers (Bournemouth)

*  Avon & Bristol

*  British Universities Sports Association (BUSA)

* Sarnians Netball Club, Gurnsey

*  Crawley Down Netball Club

 Poly Netball Club (London)

 Edinburgh Netball Club

 Three Tuns (Reading)


 Hockley (Essex)

 Welwyn Hatfield Netball League



  Bridgwater Netball Club

 West London Netball

 Lincoln City

*  Your club could have a link as well!


UK Clubs and Leagues that have pages on local authority or "parent club" sites:

*  Stevenage and North Hertfordshire

*  Bournemouth & District

*  Netball in the North of England

*  Surrey

*  Enfield (North London)

*  Wolverhampton and South Staffs

*  Northampton

 Portslade Sports Centre


 Purley Sports Club


Club, League and related sites from around the World:

*   Checkers Netball Club (Canada)

*    Also from Canada, Apex Netball Club

*  The Australia Indoor Netball Association

*   Some (alternative) rules for 6 a-side mixed indoor netball from the Wild Poppies

*   Blaze Netball Club, Singapore a site developed and run by club member Hazel Quek

  NETBALL MANIA MAGAZINE - Always worth a visit



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Last Revised: 10th August, 2002