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One of the reasons attributed to the success at international level of Australian netball is the existence of their National Netball League [NNL] (sometimes known as the Commonwealth Bank Trophy competition). Representative teams are drawn from each state (South Australia and New South Wales, both get an extra team) and they engage in a series of league matches (home and away) then going into a structured knockout tournament.

In May this year, All England organised for the second time our equivalent of Australia's NNL. It was again called the "Super League" but with weekends around the country rather than in one venue. There were again 5 representative teams known as: Northern Thunder, Petchey's London Tornadoes, Team Bath Force, Birmingham University Blaze, Northern Flames, London Hurricanes. Sponsorship came from Adidas.

Each team was based on (a) The England Open Squad, (b) The England Development Squads, and (c) invited players.

This season's games will be again played over 4 weekends in May 2003 although the venues are likely to change to bring netball to a wider audience.


 To attend selection trials for the Under 16 and Under 18 squads you must be recommended either by a school or a Junior Club affiliated to the Sussex Netball Association. Selection is planned to take place on Sunday 13th October at Roedean School, Brighton. Each school and club is able to nominate a total of 3 players in both age groups.

For the Under 21 and Senior Squads, trials are also held in October and are open to any currently affiliated player resident in the County. (More details when known)

Inter-County matches are held on alternate Saturdays from January to March. County training is at Christ's Hospital, Horsham every Wednesday.



The one topic area that has featured fairly consistently in my mailbox over the past year has been issues around fitness. Not many things in life are constant these days, but one that is, is fitness. Whilst we might hope that fitness is something we can acquire easily amid a hectic life. Unfortunately, it is difficult to acquire and easy to loose! I have posted an article aimed at individual players and coaches to small clubs or single teams and is designed to cover the basic issues ONLY. Follow this link



At this time of year, many netballers will have been wondering what they (personally) got out of paying their annual affiliation fee. Although the vast majority of members consider that they affiliate direct with "All England", in fact they affiliate through their County Association. Each county is free to levy an amount designed to help fund county activities. The basic form of affiliation is as a Netball Team where the annual fee (about 190 - depending on how much local associations have added to the basic "All England" figure) covers 10 adult members. Clearly the key here is to ensure a full quota of ten. Where a team has more than 10 members they are affiliated on the basis of 1/10th of the team fee; 19 in this example. Everyone is considered a member of the All England Netball Association and has full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Members under 18 years of age can affiliate for (about) 8. There is a special membership arrangement for clubs/teams consisting of young people (17 years of age or under on 1.9.02). The annual fee is about 65 and covers 10 members and two "non-playing" adults. Where the number of members exceeds 10, then players are affiliated on a 6.50 (approx) per player basis. From an insurance point of view, what every affiliated member gets is 5m of civil and/or product liability cover. So that each member is protected if a third party pursues a claim against them for compensation related to personal accident (injury or death) or property damage resulting from any netball activity. Product liability includes items of food or drink purchased from the club/team (at a tournament for example). Those that umpire or coach are afforded "professional indemnity" cover. The policy is only effective at events organised by affiliated clubs/teams/associations. The professional indemnity only extends to "official" events, thus an umpire, umpiring for a league/team, which is not affiliated, will not be covered and they should consider taking out separate cover (Expect to pay about 25.00).

There are a number of other classes of membership aimed at: the netball section of a youth group, schools (Primary and Secondary), Universities and Armed Service associations. There is one other "odd" group and that is a "Junior Netball League" which can affiliate direct to "All England" rather than through their county association. The league is covered by the 5m of civil and/or product liability cover; but individual members are not covered, thus junior league members would not be protected by "professional indemnity" cover.

There is an optional personal injury policy, which costs 22.00 for 12 players and 2 officials. Cover is available only on a full season (September to August) basis.



Having run our local Junior League (25+ teams in 4or5 Divisions) records for the past few seasons, I have developed a reasonably simple Excel Spread Sheet (You'll need Excel5 or above to be able to run it) which anyone is welcome to have a copy of. If you mail-me with the names of your Divisions and their teams together with the number of weeks you plan to play, I'm more than happy to let you have a copy.



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