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Welcome to a new season and a updated website aimed at providing information to netballers everywhere but particularly those playing in and around Sussex

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NETBALL INJURIES AND THEIR TREATMENT (Click on the heading to go straight to the main coaching page)

There is no substitute from talking to a qualified professional - these couple of pages have been designed to give you some background explanation of the injuries most frequently experienced by netball players along with suggested treatments and recovery exercises. This, so that you can at least have something to discuss with you our GP/Physio if you feel that treatment is not helping you recover.

Please feel free to contribute ideas and suggestions - these first two pages took over 3 months research to put together

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Coaching Matters (Click on the heading to go straight to the main coaching page)

DUTY OF CARE - As part of our funding from Sport England (Formally the Sports Council), All England was required to develop and implement a policy setting out its arrangements for ensuring the care of all young people involved in activities organised by any affiliated club, league or local association. Copies of the "ANEA Duty of Care Guidelines" have been circulated to all clubs with registered participants under 16 years of age. If you think you should have a copy of the guidelines please speak to Netball House (01462 442344).

1. Coaches Notebook

Looking for something different to do at a training session? These first few pages are designed to work on passing the ball into a space. It starts of with a series of exercises to improve passing skills. They should be done at speed over short bursts of about 30 sec's; this also helps develop players' aerobic and anaerobic capacity. There are some progressions to passing, catching and passing using an ever-moving place using 3 sides of a square playing area. There are currently 22 pages of drills. If you have any ideas that can be added please send them to me.

2. Coaching Tips

Suddenly found yourself coaching a netball team, read the (few) books available and feeling overwhelmed? Been coaching for some time and looking for some different ideas? Then the Coaching Tips Page may be just what your looking for. If you've got some good points, tips and ideas that you think may be of some help to other coaches please feel free to send them to me so that they can be incorporated.

3. Coaching Courses

Courses for Level 1 (Bognor Regis) and Level 2 (Crawley) are being planned for the new season. Details here when known.

4. Coaching Video

NEW! From Peter Carter and Coaching Solutions - 24 Netball Warm Up routines and drills on Video. Each Video costs £21.50 (including post and packing).


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 Explanation of the Beginner Umpires Award and the arrangements for gaining the basic "C" Umpiring Award. Details of the written test for the Beginner Umpires Award is also available along with Sample Paper 1 for the C Award. Some alternative netball rules are described, including 5-a-side and indoor netball. There is also a section for FAQs on umpiring matters.

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Tournaments in Sussex

Please let me have details of any open netball tournament so that they can be included. Tournaments that I'm aware of:

- Imberhorne 18th May and 1st June -

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English Counties League

Details of all this seasons' English Counties Netball League fixtures have been posted. With a new All England website its possible the results for 2003 will have a new home. Once I know for certain Iíll post the URL


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News and Views

Current articles:

  1. A rough guide to fitness
  2. Affiliation. What it is and what you get.
  3. A League Record Sheet using Excel97

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A page introducing the East Grinstead Netball Association.

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A link to the EGJNL Homepage with further links to their 01/02 league tables, match reports and future mixtures

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Netball on the "Net"

There are currently quite a few interesting websites devoted to netball, but depending on which "search engine" you use, you could find yourself presented with 100s of entries. Many of them point to different parts of the same site, which does not help! To assist you in finding your way around, I have compiled a number of links to the other main netball sites. (Some of these in turn will give you links to other sites). If you find/know of/or run a netball site drop me a line so that I can add it to the list. Also if you come across a "dead" link please let me know so I can delete it.

Latest URLs that have been advised of:: - An alternative Chat room for England Netball fans in the (continued) absence of the official Web Site - An interesting commercial site - Netball in Israel courtesy of Yonit Weil - Worcester City Netball


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 2002 Commonwealth Games

Details and links to the main site(s) to be posted here in due course

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Contact The Editor

Please feel free to give feedback on any aspect of this website. Just a few friendly words of greeting are all that are needed. Suggestions on how the site may be developed are particularly welcome.

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Last Revised: 25th June 2002

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