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Notes - 28/9/00

{Curriculum - Survey of biology lecturers - importance of mathematical topics to biology. - JBE surveys?}

Exercise 1

Sketch out a tentative list of chapter headings for your research dissertation as has been done in Table 1

Typology vs. Population thinking in biology

In typological thinking, the species is the object of study. Individual organisms are sports or deviations from the species 'type'. The typological concept of species has parallels with the Platonic concept of 'types'. In the Platonic concept, real everyday triangles are imperfect examples of the 'archetype' triangle.

In Plato's cave, archetype's are clustered around a fire. They cast shadows on the cave wall. These shadows are the everyday objects that we see in the imperfect real world.

In population thinking, the individual organisms are the objects of study. The species concept is an artificial (but useful) construction that groups organisms. There are various definitions of species.

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