Q sort: Mathematics education of biology students
Q statements (1-14)

Q statements (15-28)

15. Evidence for natural selection would not necessarily falsify the inheritance of acquired characters.
16. There are many ways of solving a problem in mathematics.
17. Biology is a science and, as such, there can only be one true explanation for any problem.
18. Many areas of biology can be understood without mathematics.
19. Biology needs more mathematicians.
20. There is only one correct way of solving any mathematics problem.
21. Biology is always changing and growing.
22. Mathematics deals with universal laws, biology deals with unique events.
23. Almost all evolutionary challenges have multiple solutions.
24. Exploring patterns is useful in mathematics.
25. It is futile to try to reduce biology to physics, or vice versa.
26. Biology studies both universal explanations and unique events.
27. Biology consists of fixed, everlasting truths.
28. If natural selection is true then all alternative theories of evolution must be false.