Q sort: Mathematics education of biology students
Q statements (15-28)

Q statements (1-14)

1. Biology is explained by chemistry and chemistry is explained by physics.
2. Puzzles and investigations are not proper mathematics.
3. Mathematics is always changing and growing.
4. Biology and mathematics need different methods.
5. The procedures and methods in maths guarantee right answers.
6. Mathematics has a lot to learn from biology.
7. There is always a single best answer to an evolutionary challenge.
8. Some mathematics problems have many answers, some have none.
9. Mathematics and biology are both sciences, they study different areas, but they use the same methods.
10. Mathematics consists of fixed, everlasting truths.
11. A good biologist does not have to be good at mathematics.
12. Mathematics is useful in some areas of biology.
13. When one looks carefully at a biological problem, one can usually discover more than one causal explanation.
14. You have to be a good mathematician to study biology.