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Q sort: Mathematics education of biology students

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Q Statements:
1. The procedures and methods in maths guarantee right answers.
2. Given the choice I would have nothing to do with maths.
3. Statistics is necessary for biology.
4. Evolution is the study of the history of organisms.
5. Biology deals with unique organisms, mathematics deals with universal laws.
6. Mendel's laws proved natural selection.
7. History is not high on the biology agenda.
8. The Mendel's laws of genetics and Darwin's ideas of natural selection are incompatible.
9. Biology and mathematics need different methods.
10. Mathematics and biology are both sciences, they study different areas, but they use the same methods.
11. The types of thinking used in mathematics are a hindrance in biology.
12. Problems in biology have only one right answer.
13. Most problems in biology have many answers.
14. Biology needs more mathematicians.
15. Some mathematics problems have many answers, some have none.
16. Mathematics has a lot to learn from biology.
17. Puzzles and investigations are not proper mathematics.
18. Mathematics consists of fixed, everlasting truths.
19. Evidence for natural selection would not necessarily falsify the inheritance of acquired characters.
20. Nature is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.
21. You have to be a good mathematician to study biology.
22. Mathematics is a great help to biology
23. Monocultures are unstable and unsustainable systems.
24. Mathematics is always exact and certain.
25. Mathematics is always changing and growing.
26. Exploring patterns is useful in mathematics.
27. There are many ways of solving a problem in mathematics.
28. I enjoy mathematics.
29. There in only one correct way of solving any mathematics problem.
30. GM foods and modern farming methods produce higher yields than traditional methods of farming.
31. Mathematics is hard.
32. Many areas of biology can be understood without mathematics.
33. Monocultures are the only way to feed the world's population.
34. The ideas of Darwin and Mendel are different but complementary.
35. A good biologist does not have to be good at mathematics.
36. Diversity is the basis of ecological stability.

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Created 29/5/00
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