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Rillage point from Hillsborough
Ripples in Slade Reservoir
Red Campion on Hillsborough
Evening clouds and wind ripples on the sea. Torrs
Eastern Hillsborough
Foxgloves, Hillsborough
Ilfracombe from Hillsborough
Baggy point from Lee Downs
Broadsands with Little Hangman in the distance
Brocken Spectre on the top of Torrs
One of the islands at the end of Watermouth Warren
Sunset from Windy Corner
The harbour from Hillsborough
Hillsborough in the mist
A misty Hillsborough from Rillage point
Newberry Beach, Combe Martin
A parasol mushroom
Rainbow over Little Hangman
Sheep in the mist...
A winter sunset over Higher Slade reservoir
A January sunset over Torrs with an East wind
Summer sunset from Granville Road
Summer sunset from Torrs
Another summer, another sunset...
Sea mist, Torrs
Towards Baggy point from Brandy Cove point
Towards Ilfracombe from Great Hangman
Watermouth Harbour, a mid-summer evening...
...and the sunset.

Created 7/10/98
Modified 10/2/99