This is a Reference List for David Boughton's Genealogy Pages

There one A4 page in this part so far.But it's not yet finished.

General Sources of Information

I have listed here most of the reference books I have consulted excluding the obvious sources such as GRO microfiche, the IGI, etc.

  1. The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History, OUP 1998 ISBN 0-19-860215-4
  2. The Family History Book, Stella Colwell, Phaidon Oxford, 3rd Imp 1986 ISBN 0-7148-2074-1
  3. A History of British Surnames, R.A.McKinley, Longman, 1990 ISBN 0-582-01870-6 CSD
  4. Further Steps in Family History, Eve McLaughlin, Countryside Books, 1990 ISBN 1-85306-062-3
  5. Sources and Methods for Family and Community Historians: A Handbook, Edited by Michael Drake and Ruth Finnegan, CUP, 1994 ISBN 0-521-46580-X
  6. Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office, Jane Cox and Timothy Padfield, HMSO, 1990 ISBN 0-11-440222-1
  7. Making Use of the Census, Susan Lumas, Public Record Office Readers' Guide No.1, 4th Edit. 2002 ISBN 1-903365-35-X
  8. Surnames and Genetic Structure, G.W.Lasker, Cambridge University Press, 1985 ISBN 978-0-521-05763-9
  9. Tracing your Ancestors in the National Archives, Amanda Bevan, the National Archives, 7th Revised Edit. 2006 ISBN 1-903365-89-2
  10. Solving Genealogy Problems, Dr. Graeme Davis, How To Books Ltd., 2012 ISBN 978-1-84528-477-0
  11. Tracing Your Police Ancestors, Stephen Wade, Pen & Sword Family History, 2009, ISBN 978-1-84415-878-2

Latest update: 23rd April 2013