This is Part 6 of David Boughton's Genealogy Pages

There are two A4 pages in this part so far.

Links to Surname Lists

The intention is not to provide a set of surname lists or to inform you which lists I am on, but to enable you to find out if any other Boughtons have listed their dates or places of interest or given the URL of their homepages.

In building up the list, it has become apparent that:-

So if you have stumbled across this site, reached this page and are still interested, here is an opportunity to take a short cut. It's just possible that there is another Boughton out there seeking another Boughton who might be a distant relative. To speed it up I am doing the layout as nested lists with hyperlinks so that you can jump to the section that interests you and click on the particular list and then it's up to you. I am no longer giving the URL that takes you directly to the surnames beginning with B. They seem to have been changed or discontinued. I have included some of the databases that list family trees or GEDCOM files.
I ought to mention here that the ownership and management of these sites seems to change fairly frequently. This is probably due to some of them being very large and requiring a lot of time and effort just to keep them operating. So if you get a 404 error response and no link to a new site, then I apologise now.

  1. UK County Family History Societies
  2. Worldwide Genealogy Lists
  3. More Sites

UK County Family History Societies and their surname lists

For a full list of the UK Family History Societies see the Web Pages of the Federation of Family History Societies and go to their surname pages.
Alternatively visit the Genuki County Surnames lists.
I have not searched all counties in the UK, just those where I think my own branch of the family might well have descendants. Once again, some of the smaller sites seem to have changed url's or been dropped. I suggest you google or use the above sites to track them down.

Worldwide Genealogy Lists

More Sites

If you want to try other genealogy sites for their surname lists then here are a few more.


Part 1...Where and how did the name originate.
Part 2...The earliest mention of the name.
Part 3...Birth's, Marriages and Deaths before 1837.
Part 4...Searchable online documents.
Part 5...The IGI and other comprehensive sources.
Part 7...Loose Ends.
Part 8...Trees and Tables. (First tree added 28/4/02).
Part 9...Useful References.

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