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These pages give a summary of some of the topics mentioned in the earlier issues of the 49 Squadron Newsletter from February 2011.
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No.36, February 2015

It covers progress on the restoration of Shackleton AEW 2 WR963; the conclusion of the article by F/Lt. Mike Chatterton on the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall; the Memorial Service at Horstel to commemorate the thirteen aircrew and twentytwo civilians who died during the raid on the Mitteland Canal at Gravenhorst; 'Another Use for Fido' - Bill (Titch) Cooke's experience of an aborted take-off; further details of the work going on at the Conservation Centre at Cosford; the continuing story of "My Service Career in the RAF, 1940/1968" by Squadron Leader T.J.Page DFM and finally more letters from members.
This issue records the death of the following:- Eileen Holmes, the fiancée of F/O Edward Essenhigh who was piloting the Lancaster which crashed on Worthing beach, died on 9th November; Hazel Smith, Associate Member and widow of Paul Smith DFC, died 10th November aged 92; Honorary Friend Hans Nissen died on 13th January aged 81, who lived near the crash site of JA691 and tended the graves. We also record the passing of S/L Graham Day, former A Flight Commander.
We welcome two new members: Eric French who was an LAC with the squadron between April 1944 and June 1945; and Roy Amerena who flew six ops with 49' before going on to 9 Squadron and the Tiger Force based in India. We also welcome back Donald Andrew who flew 26 ops, including 12 visits to Berlin from August 1943 as navigator with P/O G.P.George.
New Associate Member Marion Coleman is the daughter of Paul and Hazel Smith (see above).
In appreciation of his kindness and co-operation we are pleased to welcome as an Honorary Friend of the Association, the Chairman of Fiskerton Village Hall committee, Alan Gibson.
New Friend, Cath Robertson was a close friend of Eileen Holmes (see above) and is most keen to continue her connection.
Sent out with this issue of the Newsletter was a preliminary booking form for the 2015 Reunion. Those who attended last year at our new venue will have fond memories of the flyover by the BBMF Spitfire and the Lancaster. We are most grateful to Honorary Friend Jack Hawkins who has again applied on our behalf and has received word that similar events are 'in the book' for this year.
Regular readers will be pleased to hear that Dom Howard has now recovered from his illness and stay in hospital in Germany during November during one of his visits to 49's Lancaster crash sites.
In December the Association presented a framed testimonial to Uwe Benkel and Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung in recognition of their work in the research and recovery of 49 Squadron aircraft.
February's issue of Flypast magazine carried the exciting news that Avro Shackleton AEW 2 WR963 fired up all four Griffon engines at Coventry on the 16th November. It is being restored to flying condition and we look forward to seeing it at airshows.

Now for the reports.

  1. The Festival Of Remembrance
    As started in the August magazine we conclude F/Lt. Mike Chatterton's article from Mainspar, the newsletter of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby. He describes in detail the work that goes into organising the event and a few of the near mishaps.
  2. The Memorial Service at Horstel
    The article written by our Editor included information provided by Peter Harvey and Uwe Benkel. On November 21st 1944 a force of 138 Lancasters, including ten from 49 Squadron, attacked the Mitteland Canal at Gravenhorst. Two of the latter, piloted by Fulbeck Station Commander G/Cpt. C.T.Weir and F/O E.C.Maul were lost. 'Ginger' Weir became a PoW after a remarkable escape and was the only survivor from the two aircraft. The two 49 Squadron aircraft were the only losses from the attacking force. The canal was successfully breached. Whilst Bomber Command suffered thirteen aircrew killed there were also twentytwo civilian deaths. Herr Brink, who lives in Horstel, initiated a Service of Remembrance in Horstel Church on Sunday 23rd November 2014. The 49 Squadron aircrew who lost their lives were:-
    From Lancaster PB300 F/O F.A.Wooding, F/E; S/L P.Kelly, Nav.; P/O A.W.Bishop, W/Op; Sgt.P.Telford, A/G; F/O H.W.Hayward, B/A; F/O A.R.Verrier, A/G
    From Lancaster PB354 F/O E.C.Maul, Pilot; Sgt.W.Cooper, F/E; Sgt.S.D.Bolton, Nav.; P/O I.G.Williams, W/Op; Sgt.E.Battye, A/G; F/Sgt.A.I.Jackson, B/A; Sgt.J.Houghton, A/G
    The twentytwo German civilians who died are commemorated by a memorial headstone. A Memorial Service was also held at St.Bernhard Church, Gravenhorst, during which the name of each of the thirtyfive who perished was read out. Peter Harvey, the nephew of pilot Ted Maul, also visited the Reichswald Forest Cemetery where the crews were finally buried.
  3. 'Another Use for Fido' - Bill (Titch) Cooke's experience of taking the standby Lancaster.
    When their first aircraft developed a fault during the pre-flight checks they had to get out and shift to the standby aircraft. They had completed the pre-flight checks (again) and they moved out to find that a Lanc had burst a tyre just as they turned onto the take off runway. This meant that each aircraft queued up ready for take-off had to turn around, taxi back up the runway and turn again before they could take off. It was getting later and later and they were at the end of the queue. At last they made it to the runway, turned round and began to move to the end. The Lanc was still there and they were moving towards it at a pace when the skipper shouted, "Oh dear, Oh dear," (or words to that effect) "We don't have any brake pressure." Their pilot made the only possible manoeuvre in the circumstances, revving up the port engines and swinging to starboard just before they reached the folk at the end of the runway waiting to wave them off. The 'FIDO' pipes at the side of the runway will stop a fully loaded Lanc, they just get bent. Which is was happened and thinking that this was it, they offloaded to hear some senior officer say, "Their own aircraft is serviceable now so if they cut out the dog legs and fly straight to the target they will only be a bit late." Bill remembers thinking - 5 Group on one course and they going direct to the target, they had to join them somewhere. Fortunately common sense prevailed, they didn't fly.
  4. Open Day at RAF Museum Cosford
    A big week in the historic aircraft enthusiast's calendar falls in November when the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre holds an open week. This report by our Editor includes photographs showing the progress on the rebuilds since his last visit in March. The Hampden, Wellington, Dornier 17 all have something to show of their construction that will be of great interest not to just the aeronautical engineer.
  5. We continue the story of "My Service Career in the RAF, 1940/1968" by Squadron Leader T.J.Page DFM. Part 3 starts with an introduction to the interior of the Lancaster and the preparations that were necessary prior to take-off. He describes several bombing raids in detail and highlights the dangers that they faced.

Reader's letters as usual provides more stories and some interesting background information as well as some requests.

No.35, November 2014

The latest issue reports on: the 'Three Lancs' event at East Kirkby; many of the events attended by Association members on Remembrance Sunday; an extract from the newsletter of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre East Kirkby; a review of the book 'Through Enemy Skies'; a progress report from the Conservation Centre at Cosford; news of a booklet about the Worthing Pier; more information on the crash-landing on Sark of Lancaster W4107 and subsequent events; and finally the continuation of our stories and letters from members.
Sadly this issue records the death of the following, all of whom served with the Squadron. Air Commodore John Langston CBE, the penultimate Officer Commanding 49 Squadron, having held that position from 17 December 1962 until 15 December 1964. Originally serving as a wartime navigator with 630, 189 and 246 Squadrons, John then flew with 617 Squadron. During his period with 49' the squadron was equipped with the Vickers Valiant. He was in command when HRH Princess Marina of Kent presented the squadron with its Colour Standard on June 5, 1964. Allan Vidow, who died on October 15th 2014, flew in the crew of F/O Johnny Young, the same crew as our late chairman, Ted Cachart. Like the rest of the crew, he became a POW on January 4th 1944 when their Lancaster was involved in a mid-air collision whilst on their way to Berlin. Desmond Harris died on October 31st aged 93. Desmond and Rita were regular attenders at our reunions until five years ago. He flew 24 ops between 12th May 1943 and 8th October 1943 and was later awarded the DFC.
We welcome five new Associate Members: David Etherton and his sons Andrew and Philip are the son and grandsons of Sgt H. J. Etherton, a wireless operator on 49 Squadron Hampdens between August 1940 and June 1941 before going on to a second tour with 207 Squadron; John Vidow is the son of former flight engineer Allan Vidow whose passing is noted above; Rita Harris is the widow of the late Desmond Harris as above.
We are happy to record that the Reverend Penny Green has accepted our invitation to become an Honorary Friend of the Association.

The '3 Lancs 2014' flyover at East Kirkby took place as re-arranged and we hope that as many who were able to attend enjoyed the day out. Thanks to the TV coverage beforehand and the many places that were visited there were plenty of opportunities for some good photos. The E-supplement contains our record of the event but thanks to Alan his Video is at
As usual on Remembrance Sunday ceremonies were held at many locations at which the association was represented. A good number of 4T9ers attended the annual service at St. Clements, Fiskerton, followed by the wreath laying service at the Airfield Memorial. This year we were treated to a cooked lunch at the Village Hall. John Lowe told us of the ceremony at the Memorial on Hameldown Tor, Dartmoor, to the crew of Hampden X3054, attended by 43 people. A wreath was laid at the Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore, by the sister of Robert McEneaney dedicated to her Uncle Terence, the crew of ND474 and all those who served with 49 Squadron. At Durnbach, following the group visit earlier in the year, an unknown visitor went on Remembrance Sunday and sent us a photograph. Other visits involving 4T9ers were made to the Bomber Command Memorial in London, the Fulbeck Memorial, the Bransby Memorial, the Aabenraa Cemetery in Denmark and no doubt many more.
The current issue of Mainspar, the newsletter of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, included an article by F/Lt. Mike Chatterton RAF (retired) and we have (with permission) repeated it in our magazine. Mike flew the BBMF Lancaster for many years as well as his day job of flying Nimrods and now handles Just Jane at East Kirkby.

Now for the reports.

  1. 'Through Enemy Skies'.
    This book by Pat Cunningham DFM does include several stories about 49 Squadron aircrew, Bill 'Titch' Cooke, Ron Eeles, Ted Cachart and Eric Clarke. Four 4T9ers out of ten stories, definitely a must read for association members and anyone else who is interested.
  2. The RAF Museum at Cosford.
    Progress on the Dornier 17 fuselage has resulted in it being moved to the Conservation Centre. The Centre's annual open week took place on the 9th to 15th November and a full report should be in the February 2015 magazine.
  3. The Worthing Pier Memorial.
    News of a booklet just published, 'A Lancaster on Worthing Beach' by Graham Lelliott. It gives some background information on the crew and then describes the events of December 17th 1944. Details are given of the streets named after the gallant crew as well as other examples of the appreciation of the people of Worthing towards the airmen who prevented any loss of life in the town while sacrificing their own.
  4. The crash landing on Sark.
    On November 22nd 1942 Lancaster W4107 of 49 Squadron crashed on the island after being damaged during a raid on Stuttgart. Captained by Sgt. E.J.Singleton, the crew became POWs. Ian Le Gresley, who lives in Jersey, as a boy relieved the wreckage of some parts including an undercarriage retraction strut. Kept in his garage for many years, he had decided to give them to a museum but transport was the problem. Happily, during a visit by the two Lancasters, Vera and Thumper, in August, Ian arranged through his local RAFA branch for the BBMF Lancaster to bring them back to Coningsby. The BBMF are holding them pending collection by RAF Scampton Museum to return them whence they came in 1942.
  5. The loss of Lancaster LL908 at Ugny-sur-Meuse.
    In the August issue of The 4T9er we gave details of the visit by Associate Member Terry and Ann Atkinson but did not have the space to publish the eyewitness reports. The testimonies and memories were collected by Mdme Lefranc and are now included.

In this issue we continue the story of "My Service Career in the RAF, 1940/1968" by Squadron Leader T.J.Page DFM and he gives details of his experiences as a Flight Engineer leading up to his posting to 49 Squadron.

'Adventures out East' continues the story of our Webmasters aim of photographing the cemeteries/headstones of aircrew killed following their service with 49 Squadron. Thanks to his many contacts four out of the six airmen killed while serving outside north-west Europe have been found, but so far he has been unsuccessful with the two buried in Israel and Iraq.

'The Boys' - Three days in September. The article by John Lowe decribes the efforts put into the BBC's Countryfile programme which reported on his current investigations into the crash of the 49 Squadron Hampden on the slopes of Hameldown. He later emailed an update which describes further progress.

Reader's letters as usual provides more stories and some interesting background information as well as some requests.

No.34, August 2014

Firstly an apology to Bill Brown of 44 Squadron who is now thought to be the oldest Bomber Command survivor at 102. Eric Clarke at 101 is probably the second oldest. (See Issue No.33).
In this issue of the magazine we report on our annual reunion, the pilgrimages to Bolstern and Mailly-le-Camp, the CWG Cemetery at Ahlem, the commemorative events at Montiers-sur-Saulx, Ugny-sur-Meuse and Lyons-La-Foret, the sequel to Dom Howard's article on the recovery of ED702, the last part of John Jack's "My War", and Part 1 of S/L T.J.Page's service career.
The Secretary reports that our current membership is 103 Members, 155 Associate Members, 27 Friends, 7 Honorary Members, 38 Honorary Members, thus totalling 330. Not bad, considering the squadron was disbanded 49 years ago.
Sadly we have recently lost five members, all of whom served with the Squadron: Eric Dumbell died on December 5th, aged 90, having flown 19 ops as MUG between August 18th 1944 and 16th April 1945 with pilots F/O D.A.Dickson and F/L R.Williams; Hugh Lawrie died two weeks after his 92nd birthday, flying 28 ops as WOp with P/O Clive Roantree between November 3rd 1943 and 20th April 1944; Dorothy Smith (aka Dot Everett) died on July 10th aged 90, the last of the Squadron WAAFs; Harold Olorenshaw died on the 11th July aged 92, the BA in Ernest Webb's crew between July 1943 and January 1944 completing 28 ops; John Jack died on August 3rd, aged 98, as a BA flew 28 ops in the crew of P/O J.A.Jones DFC between December 29th 1943 and 22nd May 1944, the last part of his story being in this issue.
We welcome three new Associate Members: Jim Dalton is the nephew of F/O James Freckleton DFM, lost on the Wesseling op on 21st June 1944, nav in the crew of S/L L.E.Cox; Shirley Moxon is the sister-in-law of Sgt. George Witty, F/E in the crew of F/L Hill also lost on the Wesseling op, their 18th; Stan Smith, long associated with the Association through his late wife Dorothy nee Everett. We have two new Friends: Iris Taylor has given her time in helping to provide the excellent buffets that we enjoy at the Fiskerton Village Hall and has a keen interest in the Association; Robert Keay is the son of our chairman and after attending the last Reunion also wishes to achieve a closer connection with us. We welcome two new Honorary Friends. Mme. Dominique Gaillardin worked tirelessly to have a memorial erected in Montiers-sur-Saulx to four Lancaster crews including that of 49's JB679. M. Gerard Antoine is the Mayor of Bure and is the driving force behind the beautiful condition and maintenance of the 49ers graves in Bure (see the report of the visit below).

Now for some events that are mentioned in the newsletter but also available as YouTube links:-
Reunion Scampton visit....
Lancaster over Fiskerton..
The last video repeats separately the BBMF Lancaster over Fiskerton which forms part of the Reunion video.

Latest news that the '3 Lancs 2014' flyover at East Kirkby on the 2nd September will not take place owing to the need for engine repairs at Teeside. But the hope is that everything will be ok for the event on Sunday 7th September. Contact the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre on 01790 763207 for more information. Or see the website

The Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial has been redesigned so that the all the 25,611 names are legible and readable from the ground.

Next year's Reunion will be held at the Bentley Hotel, Lincoln on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd June 2015.

Now for the reports.

  1. The "Gathering".
    (Alan's name for our reunion, this year only) went extremely well in the new surroundings of the Bentley Hotel. However it was not a complete break with tradition, for the annual service of remembrance was still held at St. Clements in Fiskerton, and after a short service at the Airfield Memorial the visitors were treated to the sight of the Vulcan on finals for Waddington and then the BBMF Lancaster carried out three flyovers. The buffet lunch at the village hall was well received and the opportunity was taken for Eric Clarke to present them with a Lancaster print. Returning to the Bentley for the annual dinner, some fifty-eight members and their guests enjoyed themselves and managed to raise £275 with a bottle raffle. On the following day an organised special visit to RAF Scampton was treated to a Hawker Hunter doing circuits and bumps followed by the Red Arrows taking off in three's on their way to RAF Valley. A visit to the relocated and refurbished museum wound up the organised part of the Gathering.
  2. The Bolstern Memorial.
    The 4T9er Issue 29 carried an account of the visit to Bolstern by Robert McEneaney, Louise Dexter and members of their families. This year, March 15th was the 70th anniversary of the loss of Lancaster ND474 and its crew, so Robert and Louise set about tracing as many relatives of the crew as possible to join a pilgramage to Bolstern, the site of the crash where the people of Bolstern had erected a Memorial. The event was a resounding success and they arranged for a video entitled 'The Bolstern Memorial' to be produced, copies of which are available from Robert McEneaney. Five families of the seven airman had been in contact and thirty seven of them made the trip to Bolstern, leaving only the relatives of Sgt Douglas Birbeck, Air Gunner and F/O John Knowles, Bomb Aimer still to be found. The following day the families went to the Durnbach War Cemetery where wreaths were laid on each of the graves of the crew.
  3. Visit to the CWG Cemetery at Ahlem, near Hannover.
    Ed and Janet Norman visited the graves of his father's skipper and rear gunner, kia when JB413 crashed on 22/23rd October 1943, the other five crew members having survived.
  4. Visit to Montiers-sur-Saulx and Bure.
    The Association were invited to a commemorative event in France by the organiser Mme. Dominique Guillardin and our Chairman and his wife attended. There are three crash sites in the vicinity of Montier-sur-Saulx, 103 Squadrons' ND993 and NE136 and 166 Squadrons' LL896 and the graves are all in the village cemetery. These were all visited before going on to Bure, the crash site of 49 Squadrons' JB679. Two of the crew managed to parachute from the aircraft, Sgt Richard Mitchell the MUG and John Baker RG. The five aircrew are buried behind the church at Bure. On Sunday 22nd June there was a formal commemoration at the village memorial attended by representatives of the three squadrons, service representatives and local dignitaries.
  5. The loss of Lancaster LL908 at Ugny-sur-Meuse.
    Compiled from a report by Terry and Ann Atkinson and describes the events in the village on the 8th May to celebrate the ending of the war and also the anniversary of the crash of this 49 Squadron Lancaster on the 27th April 1944. The group of vistors included several family members of the crew who had made the journey through France to be with the people of Ugny and take part in their celebrations. This included a visit to the crash site, lunch at the Town Hall where a model Lancaster and a map showing every known crash site in France and many photographs were on display. At 16.00 hrs the ceremony at the cemetery began with formal speeches and wreath-laying followed by crosses being placed on each of the graves by family members. Then those present went to the War Memorial where following the speeches, more wreaths were laid. The final visit was back to the Town Hall for the Reception and closing speeches which included thanks to the hosts for all the hospitality given on what was a very memorable day.
  6. Remembering ND533 at Lyons-la-Foret and LL976 at Beauvoir-en-Lyon.
    ND533 crashed on the 9th/10th June 1944 two miles away from the village in a clearing next to the little hamlet of La Villenaise where a memorial had been erected in 2010. 70 years on, at the site of the crash, a service of remembrance was held on the 21st June 2014, at which local dignitaries, residents, service representatives and relatives of one of the crew attended. Later on a second visit to the area resulted in more photographs of this memorial and a visit to Beauvoir-en-Lyon where the memorial to the crew of LL976 had been erected, the crew being buried at Beauvais-Marrisel.
  7. Annual Pilgrimage to Mailly-le-Camp.
    For many years Geoff Brunton and his son Michael attended the commemoration of the raid on Mailly-le-Camp on the 3/4th May 1944. Since Geoff's death in 2011, Michael has continued to make the pilgrimage and the Memorial Service was well supported again this year.
  8. The sequel to Dom Howard's story of the recovery of ED702.
    This Lancaster was shot down by Heinz Grimm on the 23rd September 1943 and Dom has been able to get in touch with his sister. From this meeting and some photographs it was concluded that the Bf110 did have upward slanting cannon and in all probability ED702 was brought down in this way.

We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. This issue has the first part of "My Service Career in the RAF, 1940/1968" by Squadron Leader T.J.Page DFM, who served on 49 Squadron 1943-44.

Reader's letters as usual provides more stories and some interesting background information as well as some requests.

No.33, May 2014

Once again the 28 pages cover a wide range of topics. Pride of place must go to the 101st birthday celebrations of the oldest Bomber Command survivor, our Eric Clarke. The party was attended by 70 or so of Eric's friends and two photo's in the magazine shows that his wartime headgear still fits. The Editor has also been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. This time there are more photographs of Eric's party and the following day when he was the guest of RAF Linton on Ouse. Additional photographs of Fred Hill's visit to Cosford are included in the supplement, as are some more photos of East Kirkby from the very realistic re-enactment as recorded by Phil Waterfield and first reported in the May 2013 issue.

In this issue of the magazine we end Roy Gould's long running story and start the wartime events in the life of John Jack. Our Chairman Stuart Keay tells of his post war, pre 49 Squadron days; John Rose tells the story of 'Searching for Ken', his search for the crash site of Lancaster ND 536, lost on the night of 22/23 March 1944; Dom Howard writes the final chapter in the recovery of ED702.
"Suitcases, Vultures and Spies" is the title of a biography by Mark Hillier about the experiences of Hampden pilot F/O T.C.Murray who flew with 49 Squadron and went on to become the C.O. of 138 Squadron. Tasked with dropping S.O.E. agents into occupied Europe his exploits were somwhat different from his time on 49. The book is available from Mark via his email address
Five names are published under the heading 'In Memoriam': S/Ldr. Ted Flavell died on Tuesday, 25th February 2014, he captained Valiant WZ366 when they dropped Britain's first atomic weapon at Maralinga in October, 1956; W/C T.C.Murray died 1st March 2014, a week after the launch of his biography (see above); Fred Johnson died on 3rd December 2013, having flown 24 ops in the crew of F/Lt. K.A.Bromfield between October 1944 and May 1945; John Sanderson died on 25th February 2014 , having flown 31 ops between August 1944 and May 1945 in the crew of S/Ldr. R.B.Walker; George Moses died on 5th February 2014, having flown 18 ops in the crew of F/O L.G.Hammond between January and May 1945.
We welcome two new Associate Members; David McCracken whose uncle was F/Sgt Albert Swann, mid upper gunner in the crew of F/Lt. Reg Babb; Martin Baker, whose mother's cousin was P/O John Dickinson, pilot, kia 27th April 1944.
We welcome three new Honorary Friends. Journalist Richard Wooldernink who has provided and continues to provide, valuable assistance in the research into 49 Squadron aircraft that crashed in Holland. Darren Friday is the Manager of The Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at the RAF Museum Cosford and as such is responsible for the superb restoration and conservation work carried out there. Martin Gauthier has remodelled our website to bring it into line with the latest technology and has agreed to liase with Malcolm Brooke, our Webmaster, in the future.
We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. The latest visit by our Editor and Honorary Friend John Lowe together with member Fred Hill, was to the RAF Museum Cosford. Together with photos in the magazine and E-Supplement, they report on the rebuilding of Hampden P1344 and some of the other exhibits there.
Reader's letters as usual provides more stories and some interesting background information as well as some requests.

No.32, February 2014

Sadly we start with news of the passing of three members. Vi Winters died on December 2nd aged 90, a WAAF M.T. driver, her main duty was the ferrying of crews to and from their aircraft. Jim Flint died on 16th December aged 100 and was featured in the May 2013 issue of The 4T9er when reporting his 100th birthday. Alan Copping, ground crew LAC, on the squadron from 1941 to 1946, died on 11th December.
We welcome three new Associate Members; David Hewitt, the son of F/O. Norman Hewitt, bomb aimer in the crew of F/Lt. R.V.Babb, flying seven ops between 6th March and 25th April 1945; Brian Hall, the son of wireless operator Sgt. S. V. Domleo, kia on his 15th operation with P/O. A. H. Blackmore DFC on the 30th December 1943; and Bill Flint, the nephew of Jim Flint.
John Lowe is welcomed as an Honorary Friend, in recognition of his efforts concerning the Hameldown Tor Memorial at the crash site of Hampden X3054, 21st March 1941. See Reader's Letters below for further information about this event.
Our Honorary Friend Mike Chatterton retired from the RAF in November but will continue looking after 'Just Jane' at East Kirkby and flying the Grobe Tutors at Cranwell.
Many attended the Remembrance Service at St. Clements Church, Fiskerton and later the short wreath laying at the Airfield Memorial. Other wreaths were laid at Fulbeck and Bransby and similar ceremonies also took place in Denmark, Holland and France. The magazine has three colour photographs of the events at Fiskerton.
We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. Once again the Editor has also been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. This time there are nine photographs of aircraft at Cosford. Due to the costs involved it is not possible to print and send out hard copies of this supplement.

Finally, some articles provided by our members:-

  1. Malcolm and May Brooke, having spent two summer holidays in France tracking down and photographing the aerodromes used by 49 Squadron during WW1, have yet to find the last one. Rozay-en-Brie was used by the squadron between July 14th and August 4th 1918 during the 2nd Battle of the Marne. Unless the Paris Archive have the records we may never know where this aerodrome was. (Unless of course, you can help them out.)
  2. Our Chairman Stuart Keay provided an extract from 'Wings, the aviation news magazine of Africa' dated November 1954 which describes the first days of 49 Squadron's detachment to Kenya. He has included a photo of himself and 'Ben' Bendall.
  3. Grand Tour & the Final Chapter of the Recovery of ED702, Part Two of Dom Howard's article describes his efforts to find out about the last moments of the aircraft and the crash site. All that remains now is approximately 1.25 tonnes of aircraft parts which it is hoped will be returned to the UK if transport can be found. He also took the opportunity to visit the crash site of ED427 and to lay a wreath on behalf of the 49 Squadron Association.
  4. In FlyPast's December 1988 issue there was an article by the late Robert Eric Penwarm telling of his RAF career which included a period on 49 Squadron. This was in 1936 flying Hawker Hinds from Worthy Down on Salisbury Plain and he tells of his first and only write-off. The Editor has provided a suitable photo of a Hawker Hind in the RAF Museum at Cosford.
  5. Part 9 of 'Memories of My Life in the RAF' by Roy Gould continues with more exploits at gunnery training school in a Hurricane through to September 1945 and a visit to Gatow. His last flight on the 5th October 1945 before retiring was to air test the aircraft that had served him so well.
  6. A new departure for our Editor is to review the latest book by our Honorary Friend Martin Bowman, 'Legacy of the Lancasters'. It contains a series of individual stories including an extract from 49 Squadron pilot Eric Jones' unpublished manuscript, 'Boots Bikes and Bombers' entitled 'The Seven Year Twitch'. The book is highly recommended for those with a passion for this wonderful aircraft.
  7. Reader's letters as usual provides more stories and some interesting background information as well as some requests.

No.31, November 2013

Sadly we start with news of the death of our Chairman, Ted Cachart. Amongst the many written tributes from our President and Secretary and members, the Editor has published the interview Ted had with Catherine Goodier, editor of Blind Veterans UK magazine. In it he described the crash and his subsequent experiences as a POW, leading up to his becoming Chairman of the 49 Squadron Association. His T.V. appearances, giving interviews on radio and making new friends at various airshows and other public events, did so much for the Association.
We are sorry to announce the passing in Australia of Malcolm William Maxwell who died on August 2nd, aged 93. He flew 35 ops as navigator in the crews of F/L, later S/L, R.B.Walker, F/O R.Williams and F/O R.B.Carlyle between 1st August 1944 and 4th May 1945.
We welcome new Associates Alison Jessup, the daughter of Malcolm Maxwell, Tony Cachart, Ted's son and Neil Watson the son of Sgt. W.Watson, gunner in Lancaster NE128, taken POW in June 1944.
Andrew Panton and his sister Louise Bush are welcomed as Honorary Friends. In addition to his other duties Andrew is now passed out to 'drive' Just Jane during the taxiing events that Louise organises.
We are happy to report that Stuart Keay has taken over as the Chairman of the Association. In his message to members he recognises that Ted Cachart has left a big hole in the work of the Association, but will do his utmost to fill it.
Included in this issue of the magazine are more details of the 49 Squadron Association Gathering 2014.
News of developments at Fiskerton Airfield involving a 160 acre Solar Farm is of interest, but we are assured that it will be a low profile installation at the eastern end of the airfield and as such will be placed above the concrete runways and the existing walk and driveways will be retained.
We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. Once again the Editor has been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. Due to the costs involved it is not possible to print and send out hard copies of this supplement.

We record two events that occurred in August. At Aabenraa, Denmark, on the morning of the 18th August, 2013 the 70th anniversary of the Peenemunde raid, crosses were placed on the eight graves of the crew of JA691 and the pilot of JA851 and a 49 Squadron Association wreath laid at the Cross of Sacrifice in the cemetery by Honorary Friends Marilyn and Hans Nissen. A service of remembrance was later held at the memorial stones adjacent to where the two aircraft crashed.

Finally, some articles provided by our members:-

  1. Grand Tour & the Final Chapter of the Recovery of ED702, describes the tour of Germany that Dom Howard made visiting the three dams: Mohne, Eder and the Sorpe, and many other places.
  2. Barbara and Alan Parr were very fortunate to have a flight organised by F/L Gary Mennell in a Cessna 172M that showed them the airfields in Lincolnshire that had connections with 49 Squadron. With photographs and many details, it records their memorable 40 minutes in the air.
  3. Part 8 of 'Memories of My Life in the RAF' by Roy Gould describes life on a gunnery training school with target-towing and an unfortunate incident with a Wimpy.
  4. 'Anthems in the Park' was held at RAF Cranwell in July and the star guests were seven former Bomber Command aircrew, three of whom were ex 49 Squadron, Bill 'Titch' Cooke, Eric Clarke and the late Ted Cachart. 'Titch' provided us with a short poem to record the event.

No.30, August 2013

Once again the 28 pages cover a wide range of topics, from our reunion to the anniversary of the dams raid. Our cover picture is of our three veterans, Fred Hill (90) who flew 33 ops from Scampton between August 6th 1941 to April 10th 1942, Eric Clarke (100) flew his tour from Scampton in Hampdens, Manchesters and Lancasters, while Ted Cachart (88) flew 7 ops before bailing out of his stricken Lancaster on 2nd January, 1944.
We are indebted to Phil Waterfield for some superb shots of the Derwent Dam with the Lancaster, Spitfire and two Tornados in memory of the dams raid. Lack of available space prevents the Editor from putting them all in the magazine but has put them in this issue's companion E-supplement.
Mention is made of two donations by the association - £300 to the Lincolnshire Memorial and £300 to the Fiskerton Church appeal.
The celebration of Jim Flints 100th birthday at the Carriage Hall, Plumtree, Nottingham was attended by his relatives, former colleagues and friends. He joined 49 Squadron at Scampton flying Hampdens as a navigator for the early ops, then as pilot, and with the rank of Wing Commander later commanded 50 Squadron at Skellingthorpe. Eric went along as well to show him how to do it - two centarians from 49 Squadron!
Ed Norman has provided a detailed report on this year's reunion, being the last formal one to be held at Petwood. Together with the many photographs taken by Dom Howard, it provides a record of the many happy times that we all have spent together. News of the 49 'Gathering' in 2014 will be given in the next issue of the 4T9er.
A visit to Cosford to see the remains of a Dornier 17 bomber shot down on August 26th 1940 and raised from the Goodwin Sands recently, prompted our Editor to write about the German Cemetery on Cannock Chase.
Part 7 of 'Memories of My Life in the RAF' by Roy Gould describes the low-level bombing raid on Le Creusot and also to Milan. Having completed his tour he was posted onto a gunnery training school with target-towing and various odd jobs.

Our reader's letters continue to provide much thought and variety:

Members News.
Sadly we report the deaths of seven members of the Association.

On a brighter note we welcome new Member Tony Yule who joined the Squadron in 1961 at RAF Wittering then made the move to Marham after a few months where he stayed until 1965 when the Squadron was disbanded and he was then posted to Central Flying School. Tony went on to fly with BOAC, later British Airways, as 1st Officer on VC10’s and Concorde.

We welcome three new Associate Members whose brief details are as follows:-

Iris Taylor has helped out on a number occasions at Fiskerton Village Hall providing our reunion buffet. She has developed a keen interest in 49 Squadron and has joined as a ’Friend’.
From time to time we invite people who have given time to the 49 cause, whether directly or indirectly, to become Honorary Friends as a small token of our appreciation. As we highlighted at the time, during the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial on 28th June last year London taxi drivers transported veterans and relatives of Bomber Command personnel free of charge. Our chairman, Ted Cachart, was driven by Paul Foster, not only on that day but on Ted’s frequent visits to London ever since, and he has constantly refused to accept payment.

We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. Once again the Editor has been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. Due to the costs involved it is not possible to print and send out hard copies of this supplement.

No.29, May 2013

Once again the 28 pages cover a wide range of topics. Our Editor has commented on some of the difficulties surrounding the claiming of the Bomber Command Clasp possibly by two branches of the family of deceased WW2 aircrew. He has also made further comments on the proposed designs for the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial. But the highlight of this issue is the celebration of Eric Clarke's 100th birthday. If you missed the BBC's TV reports and interviews then we have provided two pages of photographs in the magazine and more in the E-supplement.
Arrangements are in place for the reunion at the Petwood Hotel starting on June 2nd. Sadly this will be the last one in the present form due to higher costs and falling numbers.
Many visitors to the Lancaster at East Kirkby have their own photographs of 'Just Jane', but few will have such brilliant shots of the re-enactment staged there on the 16th March 2013. Not only was the weather ideal but the very realistic aircrew and groundcrew (and WAAF's) gave a wonderful impression of the past in full colour. We are indebted to Phil and Neil for allowing us to reproduce some of their work in the magazine and E-supplement.
With all of the 'Dam Busters' events going on this year it was very pertinent of the Editor to include a detailed description of how to apply for grants for trips and reunions under Heroes Return phase 2. There are a number of events being organized for visits to crash sites and graves this year providing such opportunities.
He also reminded us that it's about time we had more articles and news of the Valiant years. If there are enough supporters of the Avro Shackleton to try and get it flying again and for the next V Force Reunion to be planned for 17th/18th May 2014, then surely we can rekindle some interest in the Valiant days. We also have in the magazine some reminders of other aircraft flown by 49 Squadron - 'our' Tiger Moth NL911 - an Avro 504 - and possibly visitors to the squadron in France, a DH5 and a Sopwith Pup!
Our contributors have provided further interesting articles as follows:-

Members News.
Sadly we also report the deaths of five more veterans of the squadron.

We welcome three new Associate Members whose brief details are as follows:- We also greet two new 'Friends', John Fletcher, Fiskerton Parish Church and Ann Chesman, our link with the Village Hall and Scout Troop, both having performed many good services for the Association.

We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. Once again the Editor has been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. Due to the costs involved it is not possible to print and send out hard copies of this supplement.

No.28, February 2013

Once again the 28 pages cover a wide range of topics. Our Editor is very appreciative of those who have been in touch to continue their membership of the Association and even more grateful to those who enclosed cheques, cash or stamps. As we have no regular subscription the only way we can maintain an accurate membership list is by enclosing a reminder with the hard copy of the magazine if we have not heard from you in the last 12 months. If he does not have a reply by the 1st May then you will not receive the next issue.
Other items in the Editorial include comments on the Bomber Command clasp; news of the proposed Bomber Command Memorial on the top of Canwick Hill, Lincoln; mention of TV programmes visiting Lincoln Cathedral and Fiskerton as well as 'Just Jane' with Fred Panton at East Kirkby; congratulations to our Australian Member Derek Jones on being nominated for the Australian of the Year Award 2013; news that many of the WW2 exhibits that were in the Imperial War Museum in London are being moved to Duxford; and finally a report from Cosford on the rebuild of the Hampden P1344 and the Wellington NF628.
Our contributors have provided further interesting articles as follows:-

Now some of the other items mentioned.
The Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Appeal is due to be launched in May, 2013 with completion due in May, 2015. Further information is available on the website here.
Our Reunion at the Petwood Hotel is planned for the 2nd - 5th June and a preliminary booking form is encluded with the hard copy of the magazine. Veterans or their widows should note that the 'Heroes Return' initiative has been extended indefinitely and if not already used may be claimed towards the cost of attending the reunion.
All 49 Squadron post-war aircrew are asked to help us expand the web site to include their details. If you have yet to make contact, we would be very pleased to receive any details of your time on the squadron and extend membership of the Association to you.

Members News.
Sadly we also report the deaths of two members. S/L Tom Bennett who flew a tour with 49 Squadron between August 1942 and February 1943, died 9th January 2013 aged 93. Freda Styles died in February and was an Honorary Member of the Association having provided much assistance to us over many years and was a leading light in establishing the church memorial to 49 and 576 Squadrons.
We welcome two new members, John Bishop a navigator from 1945-47 and Philip Rapson who flew three ops in April 1945 as a wireless operator.
We welcome eight new Associate Members whose brief details are as follows:-

We also greet a new 'Friend' Arnold Merrett, an active member of the British Legion who wishes to ensure that the Association can continue its good work.
We have continued to receive more stories and pictures from many different sources and are happy to publish them. Once again the Editor has been able to produce a colour supplement sent out with emailed copies of the magazine. Due to the costs involved it is not possible to print and send out hard copies of this supplement. But you may be interested to know that "E-sup February 2013.pdf" features 9 pages of articles and photographs provided by those indicated above and others. One of the best is the earliest known 49 Squadron group photo from 1918 showing aircrew, groundcrew and the four dogs.

The magazine ends with a 'Can You Help?' from a correspondent in the Channel Islands. In view of the wide interest in this event, members of the crew's families are asked to share their memories with the researcher involved, Penny Prevel.
The 49 Squadron Lancaster, (W4107, EA-R), crash-landed on Sark in the Channel Islands on the 23rd November, 1942. Four of the crew had already bailed out over Germany, the remaining three survived the crash and were also taken prisoner. Many details are included in 'Beware of the Dog at War' but it would add much to the story to find out more. The crew members, all sergeants, were:-
539435 Eric Singleton, Pilot
1073261 Alexander McInnes, Wireless Operator
1263894 K. C. Corry, Navigator
1376451 D. J. Hills, Bomb Aimer
576842 R. A. Wood, Flight Engineer
1048603 Eddie Pope, Air Gunner
1416699 Les Saunders, Air Gunner

No.27 November 2012

These 28 pages show the wide range of members' activities including being present at the many Remembrance Services; the dedication of a new memorial; mentions of two members in the November issue of Flypast; visits to the National Memorial Arboretum and the Bomber Command Memorial. Further chapters in the RAF life of Roy Gould; Malcolm Brooke's holiday diary; the launching of two new books, one by John Ward, the other by Martin Bowman; Tony Randall's visit to Denmark; more stories from our members and friends; more photographs and of course, more reader's letters.
Now a few details:-

No.26, August 2012

The 32 pages show the wide range of members' activities including being present at the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial, the Buckingham Palace Garden Party and the Reunion in July. Also there are further chapters of the RAF life of Roy Gould, more stories from our members and friends, more photographs and of course, more reader's letters.
Now a few extracts:-

No.25, May 2012

The 28 pages cover a wide range of topics such as the unveiling of the Harderwijk Memorial (with a colour photograph of this amazing structure on our front page), further chapters of the RAF life of Eric Read and Roy Gould, more stories from our members and friends, more photographs and of course, more reader's letters.
Now a few extracts:-

No.24, February 2012

The 28 pages cover a wide range of topics such as the Bomber Command Memorial site, additions to the memorials at the National Memorial Arboretum, TV programmes, our Reunion, more life stories from our members, more photographs and of course, more reader's letters .
Now a few extracts:-

No.23, November 2011

We have 32 pages in this issue, covering many topics including more stories from our members, St. Dunstan's, the York Minster Memorial, Remembrance Sunday and our usual Reader's Letters and Can You Help Pages.
Some items that may be of interest are:-