"Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home" [John Howard Payne]

I have presented some unorthodox views on a variety of subjects. I hope that they have caused you to rethink previous attitudes, if only to confirm your own views by logic rather than dogma. Nevertheless, change is in the air. Some of the ideas I have presented, original or otherwise, are now on the political agenda. In the USA, the concept of flat-rate taxation has been seriously considered. In the UK, the concept of indeterminate sentences, at least for sex offenders, is being pondered. Electoral reform is being addressed by several nations, new and old. The concept of mutual respect and responsibility is beginning to be part of education curricula. Utopian thinking is infiltrating again.

The very word "Utopia", however, means "no place". I have rarely used it throughout the text of this book. Instead I coined the word "Aptious" to encapsulate my view that with the advent of a new millennium it is apt to consider what form of Utopia would benefit humanity. The earth is our home. For the foreseeable future we shall have no place else. It may be that there is no place else in the accessible part of our Universe that could support intelligent life. It behoves us to do the best we can, with what we have, for all of us.

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