Of Pets and Pleasures by Annette Gisby
Single short story

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The native population of Terra Five have been enslaved by humans for centuries. Owning a pleasure slave is seen as a sign of status, but Sebastian Bennet has never felt the need to own a pleasure slave before. That all changes when he meets the handsome alien youth, Haleth, and decides he must have him for his own.

And as for Haleth, he has little choice in the matter - become a slave or eke out a miserable existence homeless on the streets of Terra Five.

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3.5 stars at Top 2 Bottom Reviews

"This saucy short read should do nicely as a before bedtime read, or perhaps on your lunch break... All in all the story was good, rushed just a bit given the page number but well told."

Reviewed by Michele for Top 2 Bottom Reviews
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