New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer
by Annette & John Gisby

Ebook and paperback available
Cover art by John Gisby

What should you do if your spouse becomes addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies and swoons at the very mention of Orlando Bloom's name? (Thud. Quick, fetch the smelling salts.)

How about taking the advice of a strange apparition that reveals itself in a dream? An apparition that looks remarkably like the director of the movies, Peter Jackson, but not quite remarkably enough to prompt legal action.

An apparition that recommends touring New Zealand in an effort to prove that its sheep pastures aren't really filled by frolicking Hobbits. Just sheep and the occasional zorbing local.

This is the hilarious tale of such a tour, featuring snow capped mountains and turquoise lakes, flightless birds and flying cattle, bungy jumping grannies and the carrot mafia, strange yellow eyes peering up from a road map and hotel receptionists always desperate to know win you are living.

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"New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer is hilarious! I mean, I don't think I went more than two pages without laughing out loud! Gisby's snide humor is wonderful and, aside from that; the descriptions of places seen makes me want to pack up a suitcase, find a travel agent and GO! Want to come along? Wait, we must stop in England for our tour guide, because I don't intend to go without him!" - Valkyrie's Lady for Manic Readers

"The next best thing to being able to travel to another country is to read a book that describes it so well that pictures come to mind. It isn't necessary to be a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies to enjoy this chronicle of the author's trip through New Zealand to see locations where filming took place, but fandom would add another level of appreciation to this humorous travelogue." - Maryann Miller for Foreword Magazine

"New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer was a complete breath of fresh air. I laughed so hard, I could hardly breathe. Moreover, though I have always wanted to go to New Zealand, now I yearn to do so." - Tami Brady, TCM Reviews.

"You'll also learn a lot about a colorful land and its rich history, because in between nuggets of humor John Gisby provides plenty of solid facts about New Zealand. He's not only an entertaining writer, but an informative one, too." - Nina M. Osier, author of Rough Rider and Eppie Award winner for Regs

"Whether you are a Tolkien fan or not, you will love this romp through Kiwi-land in search of Hobbit lore. Like its inspiration, Hobbit Botherer has a colorful cast of characters, the entire land of New Zealand for its backdrop, poetic language (or at least great puns) fast moving adventure and, something Lord of the Rings did not have, a genuine Hobbit Botherer." - Kathleen Walls, author of Kudzu, Last Step, Finding Florida's Phantoms and editor of travel magazine, American Roads.

"A lot of fun to read and very helpful when thinking about and planning a trip to New Zealand (even as a non-Hobbit Botherer). Gisby gives detailed and informative accounts of many places and events in New Zealand, including glow-worm caves, Milford Sound, a Maori hangi, and, of course, many "Lord of the Rings" film locations, all infused with a good traveler's attitude and sense of humor." - reader review from Bibliotravel
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