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Warnings and Disclaimer:
Some of the fanfic on this page is of an adult nature, please respect the ratings.
Some stories also contain "slash", i.e. fic where two characters of the same sex are
in a romantic or sexual relationship. If that is not your cup of tea, please avoid those
stories marked as "slash". I have added warnings where I deemed it necessary, such as those
which contain violence etc. Most of my stories also contain a good deal of angst, if you
are looking for something fun and fluffy, then this is probably not the place for you. :-)

Harry Potter and related characters belong to J.K. Rowling and her respective publishers
and film studios, no profit is being made from any fanfic on this site, just for fun.

Chris Carter is the god of the X-files and I promise to put Mulder and Scully back where I found them.

Alas the inhabitants of Middle Earth are not mine. Professor Tolkien created them
and Peter Jackson brought them to the screen.

X-Files Fanfic

After The Storm
PG angst Mulder/Scully UST
"I had always loved storms until then."

Analysing Scully
R angst Mulder/Scully married
"I thought this was what she wanted."

The Anguished Heart
PG-13 Angst Suicidal thoughts
"How do you do it?"

Broken Glass
PG A Halloween romance, or is it?
"There was one reason and one reason only why she'd agreed to go."

By Choice
PG-13 angst Mulder/Scully UST
Spoilers: Never Again
"There would be no redemption."

PG-13 drama/angst Mulder/Scully UST rape
"It's too late."

Creative Writing Series
PG Mulder/Scully Romance
"Mulder must really have trusted her. It wasn't locked."
Part One: Creative Writing
Part Two: Pictures
Part Three: Quiltmaking

Dark Angel
Spoilers: Requiem Mulder/Scully romance
"It's only in the dark he comes to me."

R Mulder/Scully Romance
"She shouldn't have said that."

Distracted Series
NC-17 Mulder/Scully Romance
"Oh no! He couldn't. He wouldn't. He wouldn't dare! But he did."
Part One: Distracted
Part Two: Payback

Dream Goddess
R Slash (dream)
Scully/Other, Mulder/Scully
"Suddenly she's there, pulling me down on the grass."

Dreams of You
R Mulder/Scully Romance
"Mulder is staring at me again."

The Faery Tale Series
An X-files Faery Tale, Mulder/Scully romance
"It was the pain which woke her."
Part One: The Edge of Forever
Part Two: Forever and a Day

AU, Pre-XF
"Eve obeyed, but her eyes were blank again."

Hearts and Flowers
Valentine's Romance, Mulder/Scully
"Not one. Not one stupid card from him."

Hunting Fox
Mulder/Scully UST
"He looks up at me with his hazel eyes, looking so innocent, and
then he does it. Tells me the news that I had never wanted to hear."

I want to Believe
PG-13 drama/angst
Spoilers: Paper Hearts
"I want to believe that it hasn't happened."

Spoilers: The Unnatural
Mulder/Scully romance
"The ice inside clinks together like broken glass."

If Wishes Were Horses
PG-13 drama/angst
Spoilers: Requiem
"You're only angry because what I said is true."

Le Petite Mort Series
R Mulder/Scully romance
"He hated stakeouts."
Part One: Le Petite Mort
Part Two: The Little Death

Left in the Dark
Character death, angst
"I would kill him if he wasn't already dead."

Letting Go
Mulder/Scully romance
"I want to feel you dying next to me."

Memories Series
Mulder/Scully romance
"After reading the first line, he knew he should
have stopped reading,but he didn't, he couldn't."
Part One: Memories in Future Tense NC-17
Part Two: Memories in Perfect Tense PG

Harry Potter Fanfic

After Everything, Now This
NC-17, Angst/Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Rape, Violence, Slash
Harry/Snape Established relationship
Some scars aren't physical.

Attack of the Rampaging Fluff Bunnies
NC-17, Humour/Parody
Harry/Snape slash, first time
Can Snape save Harry from the fluff bunnies before it's too late?

Blood Tides
NC-17, drama/angst
Vampire fic, non-con.
Harry/Snape slash.
Something happened to five year old Harry Potter that will change his life forever.

Bruise Pristine or complete HTML file here
NC-17, drama/angst
D/s relationship, physical punishment.
Harry/Snape slash.
Harry needs to be punished, Snape isn't so sure.

The Elements of Submission Series:

All adult, all D/s relationship. Angst, hurt/comfort.
Snape/Harry slash.

Games Without Frontiers

His Master's Voice



The Hexed Series:
All adult. Harry/Snape slash.


First Night

Hope Has a Place
NC-17, drama/angst.
Non-con, hurt.comfort.
Harry/Snape slash.
What happens when you discover your whole life was a lie?

Parallel Lines
NC-17, drama/angst AU
Non-con, torture, hurt/comfort.
Harry/Snape slash.
Harry gets left at number 14 instead of 4 Privet Drive.

Written for the Detenion ficathon for Amanda Saitou NC-17, drama/angst, D/s relationship
Harry/Snape slash
Harry has always wanted to belong to someone.

Secret Corners
NC-17, drama/angst, child abuse/non-con
Harry/Snape slash
When Harry becomes seriously ill is the price of a cure one that he's willing to pay?

Shagging Like Rabbits
PG-13, humour/parody
Harry/Snape slash
Sometimes an author just have to give the characters what they want.

The Shattered Series:

Shattered Souls
NC-17, drama/angst, child abuse/non-con
Written for the Dawn to Dusk fest, No Man is an Island Challenge. Harry/Snape slash
Can Snape help Harry come to terms with his demons without falling under the spell of his own?

Shattered Hearts
NC-17, drama/angst, Mpreg.
Harry/Snape slash
Take a dash of dodgy DADA teacher, a pinch of interfering house-elves and stir well.

Shattered Sleep
PG-13, fluff ficlet taking place in the Shattered Universe
Harry/Snape slash, implied Mpreg
Written for Accioslash


Sins of the Father
PG-13, drama/angst ficlet, implied chan
Harry/?? surprise pairing
"The boy knows he is paying for his father's sins, not his own."

NC-17, drama/agnst, cross-dressing.
Written for the Dawn to Dusk fest, sensuality challenge
Harry/Snape slash.
What happens when Snape discovers Harry's secret?

Slytherin Kisses
NC-17, drama/angst, child-abuse, rape.
Harry/Snape slash.
Harry's last summer with the Dursleys is cut violently short.

Small Comfort
NC-17, drama/angst, child-abuse
Harry/Snape slash
Harry has a lot of issues, can Snape help him deal with them?

Tears of the Sun
NC-17, drama/angst, AU, brief child abuse
Harry/Snape slash.
Harry gets rescued from the Dursleys when he is five years old by ... a penguin?

The Bump
NC-17, fluffy angst, Mpreg.
Harry/Snape slash
Severus likes Harry's bump. He really likes it.

The Magic Touch
NC-17, dubious consent, coercion.
Harry/Snape slash
A fic request from the cookie jar for Pitchblackrose
"Are you deaf, Mr. Potter? I said 'strip'."

Three Men and a Rose
NC-17, threesome, D/s.
Bill/Harry/Snape slash.
Written for the snape_potter lj challenge

The Sexual Awakening of Harry Potter
R, drama/angst, brief mention of child abuse
Harry/Snape pre-slash
Written for the Dawn to Dusk fest, "Coming Out" challenge.

Lord of the Rings Fanfic

Innoncent Eyes
Rated R Angst, Rape, Violence
"Give me the Ring".

How Dark the Night
Angst, Romance, Slash Frodo/Legolas, Frodo/Sam