Linux on the Pico Envoy Laptop

We have three of these machines, purchased mid summer 1999. Having three has been helpful in trying to debug problems. Ours are 128Mby, 333Mhz 6G disc machines with the 14" displays. Here are some notes on our experiences - they are just our own personal observations in getting these machines going, not the opinions of the university, or the AIG.

Overall they offer an excellent spec for the price, but there are problems, and getting linux going has been difficult for us. If you are looking for a linux laptop, then you are probably best to go for a machine listed on the linux lap-top site as being known to work (unless you like a challenge).

If you have experience of these machines, I'd be interested to hear.

Bios and Windows notes

First some general comments about the machine and its setup, before we get to linux.


We use the RedHat 6.0 installation.
Pico dont support linux at all (in our experience), so you are on your own.

When linux is working full speed on these machines though, it is a real joy, and very impressive.

If we get any further with this, I'll update these pages to reflect that. If you know of any solutions to the above problems, I'd be interested to know.

Adrian West


Oct 6th 1999. Noted disabling APM to fix clock-speed problem, disables pcmcia support.